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Myoskeletal Alignment/Deep Tissue Therapy

At Back In Balance, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy incorporates several Deep Tissue techniques such as Trigger Point, Myofascial Spreading, Shiatsu, Muscle Energy Techniques involving stretching tissue to increase range of motion (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation).   Call Tracy, at 615 476-1644 to make an appointment.

 As a myoskeletal therapist, I will do a quick structural assessment to help decide what muscles are out of balance and creating pain and stiffness/inhibited range of motion.    I can lengthen hypertonic muscles and create tone in weak, inhibited muscles.  I can release 4th layer fibrosis in spinal muscles and realign stuck facet joints with specific pressure to soft tissue.  I can also stretch long and short lever muscles to promote musculoskeletal balance.  Oh and a bunch of other stuff, like suggesting some self care techniques that you can do for yourself. - Tracy Wilson, LMT