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Struggle (Stress) Reduction Counseling

Certified Struggle (Stress) Reduction Therapist

Wouldn't life be much easier if you moved through it with less worry, stress and struggle?  Learn how to settle your mind so that you can see clearly how to proceed in life and be more at peace.  Peace is a natural state of mind that we "uncover" (it's always there in you) when we stop our negative mind chatter.  I can help you live a more focused and happier life by teaching you a few simple methods to clear your mind and relax your body.  Four 50 minute sessions $200.00 (includes book and Stress Reduction CD.

By observing your thoughts, you can identify areas of internal struggle. Then, using a few simple strategies, learn to reduce or release that struggle. The result is a more relaxed, calm and peaceful life style. What would it feel like to spend most of your time, most days living in peace? What is preventing it? 

Struggle Reduction Counseling Methods

1. Using the DTM scale
2. Bring awareness to the here and now
3. Set appropriate external boundaries
4. Make a list of internal and external struggles.
5. Decrease useless worry thinking with thought replacement.
6. Utilize PMR, deep breathing, hypnotherapy and cue relaxation.
7. Pause several times a day to let go of the thoughts that are causing struggle.
8. Acquire peace through integrity and gain control of your life again.
9. Live with passion