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Testimonials & Recommendations


"After starting a workout regime a couple of years ago, I began to have a lot of 45 year old aches and pains.  My trainer at the time recommended that I pay a visit to a great massage therapist named Tracy Wilson.  After only a couple of visits, Tracy was able to alleviate the soreness, as well as, many of the knots that I had from tension and stress.  I continue to schedule appointments with Tracy to relax, reduce stress, and lower my blood pressure.  After each visit, I can hardly wait until the next.  Tracy is wonderful!"

-Rick Sain


 " I have been seeing Tracy every other week for approximately 10-12 years.  To me, Massage Therapist is not the word to describe Tracy.  She keeps abreast on all the latest information, treatments, supplements, foods, exercise, etc. that affect you either positively or negatively.  She attends seminars all over the USA and sometimes abroad.  

 Since she is on her own, she is free to do spectial things like a back scrub, go overtime if she doesn't have another client waiting and always caters to your special whims like temperature, hot packs and your particular musical desire.  She manages to keep her prices competitive.    I have been plagued with fibromyalgia for 35 years and quite frankly, I couldn't keep going as well as I do without Tracy.

 She's my friend, my Massage Therapist and essentially, my health coach.  I would highly recommend her to anyone."  

-Ann Kathryn Scott, R. N.


 Pregnancy was hard on me. I suffered from Sciatic nerve pain and had several health issues during pregnancy. My husband, an Internal Medicine doctor, recommended massage and had heard of Tracy Wilson's excellent reputation in health coaching and massage. He sent me to her and I was able to get so much relief. We have continued using her, my husband and I, over the years and have sent many friends, family and patients to her. She is someone we feel very comfortable in recommending to people we care about.

-Sarah Dennis Scott


"Tracy has worked with me as a health coach and massage therapist. She is as personable as she is professional. Her knowledge is only surpassed by her compassion and desire to meet your needs. I continue to work with Tracy periodically and am always grateful for her help with my body, mind and spirit."

-Cindy Phiffer


"I was a client (massage therapy) of Tracy's for several years (2002-2010) when I lived in Tennessee and recommend her VERY highly! She is a superb Massage Therapist! I always looked forward to my sessions with Tracy and always came away feeling many times better than I did when going in. She not only dealt with whatever physical issues I might be having at the time, but worked wonders on my stress level as well. I recall any number of times when I went in to a session ready to climb the walls, and came out feeling fully-relaxed and with a much improved outlook on life. Since moving away from Tennessee in 2010 I have tried a few other MTs, but so far have not found anyone I like nearly as well as Tracy. She spoiled me!"

-Paul Wells


"I've known Tracy for many years, both personally and professionally. As a masseuse, Tracy was always very caring and created a relaxing and healing environment. Perhaps it is her study and travel abroad to Asia that brings the extra aesthetic dimension to Tracy's space and interactions...? Whatever the source of her magic, I highly recommend her."

-Phil Foster


"Tracy is a true healer. There are many massage therapists, but very few have the gift of healing touch and spiritual balancing that Tracy brings to all of her work. She also has a depth of knowledge, experience as an instructor at the college level, and is truly interested in optimal health for any and all clients."

-Pat Atkinson


"Tracy is very flexible in how she approaches her massages with me. Sometimes she will do some stretching on the floor before we get on the table. This may not sound fun, but trust actually intensifies the effects of the massage. It loosens my muscles so that the massage is enhanced overall. Tracy has been my therapist for more than 6 years. I continue to be impressed by her imagination, strength, and knowledge of massage and related topics. She provides information if asked and she is flexible and will change up her routine whenever I have any problems that arise - even during our session! I always look forward to my massages with Tracy -- she is not just my therapist but also my friend. Tracy just gets better as time goes by!" 

 -Jennifer McGuire, Nurse Practitioner (retired)


"I was diagnosed early on with a high-risk pregnancy.  Tracy was one of the reasons I pulled through with a healthy baby!  My regular visits to her increased my energy, and I never had any trouble with fluid retention.  My doctor was amazed.  I highly recommend you do yourself and your baby a favor by seeing Tracy."

- D. Carey


"I had back surgery four years ago and was left partially paralyzed. A former massage therapy lover, I was terrified to let anyone go near my back. But after talking with Tracy and just being with her energy, something told me, "I can trust her." So I had my first Thai massage and I left feeling like a new person! Thai massage is different because it goes deeper. It is also a spiritual experience, too. If you have back issues or issues with tension, Thai is good. And Tracy, well, she is awesome!"


-Nancy DeGennaro